Quick and Easy DIY Tips to Clean Your Bathroom

The world we live in today has a virtual side to it, thanks to the amalgamation of technology. Interestingly, both worlds are equally susceptible and threatened by viruses, some of which are of the deadly type. Leaving the virtual world in the trusted hands of antiviruses, we are left with a critical task– keeping our homes germ-free. As a concerned homeowner, it should be our #1 responsibility to make sure that every part of our living space is neat, clean, and in the best hygienic condition. When it comes to maintaining hygiene at home, we mostly focus on the kitchen as it is where the food is prepared. Areas such as the living room, bedroom, and dining room are usually next on our list. However, we often don’t pay much attention to the hygiene situation of the bathrooms, which, in fact, can spell serious health hazards. It is a known fact that dirty toilets serve as breeding grounds for germs and harmful bacteria. So, to help you effectively maintain good bathroom hygiene, we are sharing some highly practical and budget-friendly DIY bathroom cleaning tips in this blog.  

Let’s begin!


Now, let’s list down and discuss some quick and easy DIY tips to clean your bathroom and maintain a germ-free environment in your home:

  • Declutter Your Bathroom
  • Get Rid of Soap Scum and Grime
  • Use Bleach and Other Disinfectants
  • Keep Your Bathroom Moisture Free
  • Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Spotlessly Clean
  • Clean Hard Water Stains


Declutter and Clean Your Bathroom
To effectively clean your bathroom, you need to declutter it first

The first thing to prepare your bathroom for a cleaning activity is to declutter it, which means getting rid of unnecessary stuff such as clothes, expired medicines, and empty bottles of aftershave lotions, shampoos, or detergents. Also, you need to temporarily move any movable storage cabinets or side tables so that you can easily get the space under them cleaned. Once you have effectively decluttered the bathroom, you can start with the bathroom cleaning activity.


Soap is one of the most common things found in a bathroom. We know that upon getting in contact with water, soap produces a lot of foam, which eventually gets accumulated on the bathroom floor. Since we are always busy in routine and don’t have time to wipe the floor of our bathroom every time we use it, the soapy foam gathered on the floor turns into scum, making the space look and feel dirty. 

Moreover, built-up grime can also dull the surface of the bathroom tiles, especially around the sink and shower area. So, instead of using expensive bathroom cleaners, these heavily soiled surfaces can be cleaned in 15 minutes via a concoction of everyday household products. For instance, you can either mix 2 cups of salt with 4 litres of water or a mixture of ½ cup vinegar, ¼ cup baking soda and one cup ammonia to get rid of the scum and grime on the bathroom floor. 


keep your bathroom bacteria-free with the help of disinfectants
Clean your toilet regularly with bleach and other forms of disinfectants to keep it germ-free

One of the best ways to make your bathroom germ-free and smell great is by cleaning the toilet regularly.  Don’t let it become a camping ground for bacteria. Since toilet seats collect all types of oils and dirt from the skin of a person using it, an unclean toilet can easily become a host for contagious diseases. 

So, if you want to maintain good hygiene in your bathroom, you should use proper toilet bowl and seat cleaning equipment and disinfectants. For toilet bowl cleaning, you can take ½ cup baking soda and mix it with 1 cup of white vinegar and ½ teaspoon of tea tree oil. Toilet seats can also be thoroughly cleaned with the help of a brush or a sponge using the same mixture. This will also make your bathroom free from unpleasant odours, which is why it is counted among the best DIY bathroom cleaning tips.


Maintaining hygienic conditions in a bathroom, especially a not well-ventilated one, is a difficult task. Humidity and moisture contribute to the growth of harmful bacteria. When cleaning your bathroom, make sure that you maintain an airy environment by either opening the door or window. You can also use a pedestal fan to serve the purpose. 

Pro Tip: One of the best solutions to reducing the level of moisture and humidity in your bathroom is by getting an exhaust fan installed. Less humidity will also prevent the chrome fixtures in your bathroom from rusting.


cleaning your bathroom with natural ingredients
Make a mixture of natural cleaning ingredients and pour them in a spray bottle

The layer of grout between the joints of bathroom fixtures and tiles is usually the place where all the bacteria and germs get accumulated. We often can’t figure out ways of cleaning it while carrying out regular bathroom cleaning activities. So, to help you out in this regard, we have listed down some techniques that will help you clean the bathroom grout quickly and effortlessly:

  • Using a Toothbrush: Normally, we change our toothbrush every three months, which is also recommended by dentists. So, we usually have our old toothbrushes sitting around somewhere in our bathroom area. However, your old toothbrush can be more useful than you think. It can be used for grout cleaning. Make a paste in three parts, out of which one part should contain borax, one part of baking soda, and one part of water, then apply it onto the dirty grout with a toothbrush and start scrubbing.
  • Pencil Eraser: A pencil eraser may sound a bit odd in terms of bathroom cleaning, but a new pencil eraser can actually help you rub away grime on your tiled bathroom floor. Moreover, it’s also well suited for reaching the narrow spaces that need to be cleaned.
  • Anything with a teeth-whitening agent: To make your bathroom tiles and fixtures spotlessly clean, you can also scrub them with mouthwash or toothpaste, which usually contain a teeth-whitening agent.


Some of the most common places where you will find hard water stains in a bathroom include glass fixtures, mirrors, bathtubs, and faucets. So, if there are hard water stains all around your bathroom, then fret not as you can solve this problem easily with some natural cleaning ingredients that are usually available in your home. For example, fill up a spray bottle (usually of 500 ml) with half water and half vinegar, then spray the mixture on the surfaces with hard water stains and wait a few minutes before wiping them clean. 

Pro Tip: You can also add baking soda to the mixture of water and vinegar to make it even more effective or reduce the amount of water to form a paste-like mixture and apply where necessary.

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