Sindh Government Digitises Property Sector In the Province

In order to promote the concept of e-governance and transparency in matters pertaining to the real estate sector in the province, the Sindh Revenue Board (SRB) has just begun working on the e-system and digitisation of the land records. With the launch of this advanced electronic portal, people can now check property ownership online and will soon be able to apply for e-stamp papers conveniently from the screens of their devices. The recent automation of the property sector in Sindh entails a lot more, so let’s learn everything about this groundbreaking development in this blog.

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Some of the key services digitised by the Registration and Stamps (R&S) Wing of the Sindh Board of Revenue include is the registration and payment of e-stamp duty for all types of property transactions taking place in the province. This will allow the authorities to fast-track different types of processes involved in property-related matters in Sindh as well as keeping a digital record of every property transaction taking place to identify unlawful activities and curb corruption. Now, let’s discuss the scope and other benefits of this newly introduced electronic system.


benefits of automation of property sector
Transparency and convenience are two of the main benefits of automation

Some of the key benefits of the recent automation of the property sector in Sindh has been listed as under:

  • Improved land inventory management and cost control
  • Reduced printing cost due to the availability of electronic stamps
  • Extension of the database of land records pertaining to commercial, corporate and industrial sectors
  • Instant availability of the information online, all across the province
  • Prevention of forgery including fake property documentation and bogus land records (with the help of digital scanning)
  • Transparent and fast-track revenue collection due to the availability of multiple digital channels
  • Accessibility of a cutting-edge management information system for the instant extraction of statistical data and management report related to digital land records
  • The computerisation of the available data pertaining to revenue generation via the property sector in Sindh will also help the authorities to expedite the process of annual budget preparation.


As we have seen in the case of the Punjab Revenue Authority, the Sindh Government has also announced that it will soon introduce e-stamp papers in the province. You’ll have to go through the below-given process to apply for E-stamp paper in Pakistan.

  • First of all, you need to fill out a challan form, easily available on your desired e-portal.

Note: The e-portal you need to access depends on your region of residence in Pakistan. As of now, each province in Pakistan has its own e-portal for processes pertaining to the revenue collection.

  • Take a printout of your filled form and visit your nearest designated bank branch for the payment of stamp duty.
  • Once the payment is made, you can get it verified by sending a message on the given code. Moreover, your paid stamp duty can also be verified through the available online portals.

Key Takeaway: The introduction of e-stamp paper in Pakistan is no less than a revolutionary step in comparison to the out-dated government procedures, which will greatly add to the convenience of property buyers and sellers in the country. 


More About Sindh Revenue Board
Sindh Revenue Board (SRB) [Credits: Zameen News]

The Sindh Revenue Board is the authority responsible for the collection of the tax revenue in the province. It directly oversees and deals with all the matters related to revenue and tax collection from properties as well as management of land records. The Sindh Revenue Board (SRB) is governed by the Ministry of Revenue, Sindh. The following government offices in Hyderabad and Karachi now cater to the requests made through the newly introduced e-system.

  • Sindh Secretariat Offices
  • Sub-Registrar Offices
  • Mobile/Camp Offices


To reach out to the Sindh Revenue Board (SRB), you can use the below-given contact details of its offices located in Karachi and Hyderabad.


Address: Sindh Revenue House, Off Dr. Ziauddin Hospital, Block 6, Clifton, Karachi.

Phone: 021-99251371


Address: New Shahbaz Building, Thandi Sarak, Hyderabad

Phone: 022-9200553


property investment in sindh
Automation to put a positive impact on property sector in Sindh

The availability of e-portals for property and land revenue records in the province of Sindh is expected to positively impact its real estate sector as we have seen in the case of Punjab. So, if you are mulling property investment in Sindh, then you can begin your property hunt by taking a look at the top localities in the province’s two major cities: Karachi and Hyderabad.

For instance, in Hyderabad, you can look for areas like QasimabadLatifabadFazal Sun CityGulshan-e-Zealpak Housing Society and Daman-e-Kohsar Housing Society. Similarly, if you want to dwell in the city of lights, then the top neighbourhoods for property investment in Karachi include Defence Housing Authority (DHA)Bahria TownNazimabadGulistan-e-JoharClifton and Pakistan Employee Cooperative Housing Society (PECHS). On a side note, our 2019’s annual property market report for Karachi will also help you develop better understanding of the recent real estate price trends in the city.

This was all there is to know about the recent automation of the property sector in Sindh. If you have any further questions or feedback in this regard, feel free to let us know about it at We’d be glad to hear from you.

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