Travelling Guide to Kanrach, Balochistan

Balochistan is an ideal destination for the people who can’t get enough of the wilderness. Whether it is sandy-beaches, hidden oasis, milky waterfalls, or mysterious plateaus – the province is exceptionally blessed and home to the country’s most amazing natural sites. Almost all the tourist sites in this region offer something to everyone, and a single trip to Kanrach, Balochistan, will give you an eyeful of untainted natural beauty that’s headlined by majestic waterfalls. 

In this blog, we’ll share everything you need to know to travel to Kanrach, Balochistan, along with the details of essentials to pack and the total cost of travelling. 

Let’s get packing! 


Kanrach is a hidden gem in Balochistan!
Kanrach Valley is home to several waterfalls, ponds and plateaus

Kanrach – land of waterfalls – is an insanely gifted tourist destination in Balochistan, and you can take our word for it. The place offers a perfect fusion of waterfalls, ponds, plateaus, and rough lands that are enough to keep your wanderer soul fed for a long time. 

Situated at a drive of around 3 to 4 hours from Karachi and in proximity to Lasbella, Kanrach is a hidden paradise in Balochistan that cannot be seen with an ordinary pair of eyes. It only takes a real adventurer and discoverer to make an excursion to a spot like this one.  

So, what can tourists expect from a trip to Kanrach, Balochistan? Let’s unveil some hidden secrets. 


The pathway to Kanrach – one of the best waterfalls in Pakistan – is a treat in itself for tourists. You are guaranteed to come across ancient huts made of dried bamboo on the roadsides. While you’re caught up in the beauty of giant mountains with peculiar formations, small lakes with crystal clear water and marine wildlife will compel you to stop your car and just stand there in admiration.

Moving ahead, the view in front of you will change within a few hours, and you will be welcomed by a cool breeze that is sure to send a chill down your spine. If you find yourself in a place with a set of streams, hidden in stones, and surrounded by green shrubs – you have reached Kanrach. 

The Kanrach Valley boasts an exceptional set of waterfalls that are present at different intervals. Make sure you have discovered all of them when you’re there. It is best to let a local tag along or a friend who has already been there to help you explore this place to its fullest potential.  

Moving on, most tourists marvel at the crystal-clear waters of Kanrach Valley and get extremely excited, while others are simply dumbfounded by the isolation and sterling beauty of this place. 

With so many offerings in one place, Kanrach is on its way to becoming one of the most favourite spots for adventurers and water-sports lovers. And, we can also confidently predict that this small paradise in Balochistan will shortly reserve a place on any list naming the best destinations for solo travellers in Pakistan


Kanrach Valley is in proximity to Lasbella
Kanrach Valley is 4 km drive from Karachi

As mentioned earlier, Kanrach, also known as land of breathtaking waterfalls, is at a sizable distance from Karachi. So, there are several travelling groups and agencies that offer inclusive and exclusive packages for a one-day trip to Kanrach waterfalls. You can either join their group or arrange one for your family or friends on a special request. For exclusive packages, you will have to arrange a group of almost 10-12 people.

The deals usually include meals, transportation (to and from your destination), tour guide, and camping equipment (for overnight stay). We have shared both options – the choice is yours. 

Generally, people start their trip on a Saturday or Sunday morning from Karachi. After a few hours’ drive from Karachi, they stop at Winder for breakfast and then drive further up north to Duddur Project – which is situated around 100 km drive from Winder. You will then drive along Khurkhera-Kanraj Road until you reach your destination. 

The roads from Karachi to Kanrach are clean, flawless, and well-paved so, you can take your car and drive without any worry. Just be prepared to be interrupted by camels on your way. Don’t get troubled, step out of your vehicle, and become a wildlife photographer. 


Take all the necessary things with you
Don’t forget to pack your essentials!

Here’s a list of essentials you should keep with you during your visit to Kanrach waterfalls: 

  • Sunglasses
  • Sun Block 
  • Swimming goggles 
  • Life Jackets (not necessary) 
  • Comfortable joggers/hiking boots 
  • Swimming Dress 
  • Extra pair of clothes and slippers 
  • Toiletries
  • Bedsheets and comforters
  • Camera with extra batteries 
  • Power bank 
  • Water Bottles, Snacks, and Food 


Kanrach can be explored in a single day
One day is enough to explore the beauty of Kanrach!

If you are looking forward to exploring Kanrach on your own, then here’s a general itinerary for a one-day trip to Kanrach, Balochistan, that will work best for you. Timings are subject to change and don’t worry if you’re a few hours back or ahead of schedule:  

One-Day Travel Itinerary

06:00 AMDeparture from Karachi 
07:30 AMBreakfast at Winder
09:30 AM Stop at Pir Bukkur 
10:30 PMArrival at Kanrach 
11:30 PM Trekking to waterfalls and ponds 
02:00 PM Lunch/Refreshments
03:00 PMExploring Kanrach 
04: 30 PMDeparture for Karachi
05: 30 PMStop for tea at Winder
07:30 PMArrival in Karachi 

Our travel guide to Kanrach waterfalls is, as mentioned in the table above, primarily focused on a one-day trip. You can, however, exceed your trip, stay over the weekend, and then come back to Karachi the next day. Just make sure that you have packed enough food and all the camping essentials since it is a remote area in Balochistan and has minimal facilities for tourists. 


A one-day trip to the waterfalls of Kanrach, just like the one mentioned in this blog, is quite affordable. The total cost of a one-day trip to Kanrach is around PKR 4,000 to PKR 5,000, varying on the essentials you need and the mode of transportation you take. 

Disclaimer: The mentioned itinerary in this blog is a general plan from Karachi. So, the timings and plans may vary according to your city and travel group. 

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