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I am an i-National Marketeer, Business Developer & Realtor Pakistan with a great career history of 19 years. Having lived, studied and worked in multiple countries, I am multi-lingual and I welcome you to my website.

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5 Enchanting Forests Worth Visiting in Punjab

It is no secret that forests play a decisive role in encouraging and sustaining biodiversity, and the forests in Punjab are no exception. Not only do these woodlands support wildlife growth in the region, but the forestry in Punjab is also responsible for attracting a major chunk of tourists to Pakistan every year. From night camping to hiking trails to wildlife watching and exciting sports, these woodlands welcome adventure seekers with many activities.

We had previously shared a brief overview of some wildlife sanctuaries in Pakistan, followed by the important things you should know about Pakistan’s wildlife. In line with our past endeavours, here’s our list of forests in Punjab that you should visit at least once. We’ll also share their exact location and ways for you to get there.

So, wear your safari suit, and let’s get exploring!

All You Need to Know About the Restoration of Katrak Mansion

The skyline of Karachi hosts some of the tallest buildings in Pakistan. While the vertical expansion is, in a way, a testament to modernity and progress, you’ll find the city has managed to preserve its past in the form of unique historical landmarks. Both the public and private sectors are putting in the effort to preserve the fading heritage of the metropolis. One of the most prominent developments in this regard is the restoration of Katrak Mansion in the area of Kharadar.

So, let’s find out more about Katrak Mansion and its restoration project.

Some Easy Ways to Reduce Rental Expenses in Pakistan

Living in a rental unit is an entirely different ball game from living in a house that you own. The difference isn’t just limited to the ownership factor, though. If you have recently moved into a rental unit, then you might be wondering how to reduce rental expenses, given the fact that the amount you spend each month on various expenses can have a significant impact on your household income.

Being Pakistan’s most trusted online portal for everything real estate, we pride ourselves on understanding your needs better than anyone else. Hence, we have put together all the important considerations and drafted this handy guide to help you reduce rental expenses.

Let’s get saving!